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Conference Chair: Prof. Clive Richards, IIID President
Day 1 – Thursday, 23rd November

09:00-10:00 Conference Registration
10:00 Conference start
Matthew Clark Keynote

Session 1: Future Mobility services and governance

Stefan Blachfellner Systemic Design for Future Mobility and Transport. Too complex to handle?
Paul Bart, Marvin Bratke Update//Accelerate Enabling for Resilient Architectures
Doris Wiederwald Enabling environments for innovation in public space
Judith Preinesberger and Nadine Moritz Urban Mobility Labs Upper Austria
13:00-14:30 Lunch
Konrad Baumann MobiLab Graz, KombiMo
Wrap-up session 1 Panel discussion

Session 2: Design for and with people

Helmut Schrom-Feiertag VR-Planning: Improving Participation in Planning Processes Through the Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality
Mandar Rane Asking for travel information versus using the Rail map: The challenges of mainstreaming the Mumbai Rail Map as the critical, missing, transit infrastructure
Shalini Sahoo Advocating wellbeing in design for public transportation spaces
Markus Schroeppel Guidance designed with everyone in mind
17:00-18:30 Ars Electronica Center: virtual reality lab, Geocity and Deep Space
Evening Guided city walk, Christmas market and “Glühwein

Day 2 – Friday, 24th November
Session 2 continued: Design for and with people

09:00 Start day 2
Tomoya Kamijo Kansai Explorer: Research and study of information signs for foreign visitors in Japan
Gerhard Nussbaum and Franz Pühretmair A holistic approach to accessible information systems
Wrap-up session2 Panel discussion

Session 3: Standardisation, branding and identity

Giuseppe Attoma The end of the consistency myth
Miles Miller Standardize or Customize – Can There Be An Acceptable Balance That Leads to SUCCESS for All
12:00-13:30 Lunch and poster presentations
Tony Pearce How to standardise Public Transport and Wayfinding information while offering a strong design brand and local identity
Christian Nordström Ruter’s pictograms for the nation
Veronika Egger and Lisa Ehrenstrasser The fourth dimension of city walks
Wrap-up session3 Panel discussion
15:45 Conference end